Why You need aftermarket Suspension for Rally


Why You need aftermarket Suspension for Rally

26 Jun, 2015
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When you initially buy a high performance vehicle, chances are the inbuilt racing suspension is more than adequate for your needs, so why do you need a new set of bc racing coilovers? It’s a fair point and a valid one too, however consider the following scenarios:

System upgrade – For those that want the best, look no further! Although the factory suspension meets the needs of your vehicle it doesn’t necessarily exceed that criteria, but of course that’s where we come in!
Spare parts – It pays to be prepared, racing is a demanding sport which will eventually take its toll on your vehicle, have a spare on hand should the need arise.
Replacement parts – It can be hard sourcing the right replacement parts for your suspension, fortunately we supply a range of makes and models, taking the hassle out of finding that elusive part!

Don’t panic – if your car is stock we’ve got you covered too, with our extended lines of aftermarket bc racing suspension coilovers, suitable for a variety of big brand names.
We’ve been serving the racing community of Canada for a while now and over the years we’ve picked up a thing or two, if you have any queries about our products we’re always on hand!

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