The positives of performance coilovers on your vehicle.


The positives of performance coilovers on your vehicle.

1 Aug, 2015
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Uprated suspension is always a big plus for you in case you are into fast road, track or gravel racing. BC Racing Coilovers meet all your suspension needs to give you numerous advantages with improved performance being the most important and obvious benefit. Depending on your needs, there are various types of Coilovers available in Canada.
First, there are the full bodied Coilovers which come complete with shocks and everything else needed in the system. The kit is expensive, but then it comes with pillowball top mounts or aluminum top mounts and new bump stops which are all designed for the lowered car. There are also the sleeve type BR Coilovers which are less costly and they also offer you the flexibility of choosing the shocks that you want. However, using stock shocks is not recommended as they are not designed for the lowered vehicle. Finally, there are drag Coilovers which are only meant for those who strictly drag race. The rears are set in such a way that they prevent the car from shifting weight to the rear wheels when launching.
Whatever your racing needs are, racing suspensions and BC Coilovers allow you to lower your car to a level that improves your performance on the track.

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