Aftermarket Wheels and Brands within the Industry

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Aftermarket Wheels and Brands within the Industry

7 Jan, 2016
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Cars that perform are simply irresistible. You want to be in them, be close to them, have photos of you taken with them and ultimately, drive them. The pleasure of driving a high-performance car cannot be compared to anything else. It is because of these that aftermarket manufacturers try their very best to deliver products that will enhance the performance. IN terms of aftermarket wheels, you are looking at grip and traction, stability, durability and the general effect felt on the car.
As a racer, which are the best wheels to go for? And even if you are not a racer and would like your car to have an awesome set of wheels, which wheels should be considered? Below are some of the best automotive aftermarket wheels: 1. ESR sr03 wheels is a favorite wheel maker. They have the best-looking yet most durable rims. ESR engineer racing wheels for a living and have perfected the art. The company has perfected the forging process and has created flow-forming, which uses three hydraulic rollers and a huge amount of pressure to form the width of a rim. ESR may however be more of OEM than aftermarket but with the quality on offer, who are we to say no? 2. esr sr02’s are one of the most prolific manufacturers of alloys in Europe and hence their wheels are used by many OEMs. They use digital Failure-Mode-Effects Analysis (FMEA), Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA), and a casting simulation to ensure that any stress points do as little damage as possible to the alloys. They are the go-to place if you are looking for a classy yet solid rim. 3. American Racing This company is majorly known for muscle car wheels. Their alloys are aggressively American in style and toughness and perform very well. The quality of the wheels matches their tough looks and they are made of pressure-forged aluminum alloys. 4. Enkei Japan makes a lot of cars and Enkei being the leading wheel-maker from the country, is a highly respected company in the world. They make wheels for sports cars, luxury cars, racing cars and even trucks. Their racing wheels are pretty decent too. Enkei wheels tend to be very good-looking without being flashy, and the understated designs contain many features that are anti-impact technology. 5. Konig Konig is a German company that has also cemented its market worldwide. They have a big collection of assorted styles and finishes to of their alloys. They make good-looking, no-nonsense rims designed to take impacts well. I think their logo sums the company up: they are the KINGS of the wheels market. The above companies make exquisite racing wheels and those alloys definitely require your consideration should you want some wheels.

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