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The Worst Rally Crashes of All Times WRC

7 Aug, 2015
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Alright guys check out this video of some of the WRC crashes, we must be nuts? Oh wait we just spend lots of money of safety equipment.




How to be a Part of the Team? Volunteers Needed!

6 Aug, 2015
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How to be part of the action(without buying a rally car)

Like any rally,the Granite City Rally depends on a large army of volunteers to work behind the scenes on the event organisation.

In the months leading up to the event a team of enthusiasts give up their spare time to spend long hours organising every last detail for this major sporting event.

On the day of the rally itself this number swells to hundreds as more enthusiastic volunteers man the stages, the radio systems, the time controls and rally headquarters.

Thousands of times are recorded, relayed by radio back to headquarters where they are input into a sophisticated computer system to produce the interim and final results. Radio points at the start and finish and at points through the stages keep a check on the competitors for safety reasons.

The marshals on each stage look after the time keeping and oversee yours and the competitors’ safety.

All these are vital jobs which ensure the smooth running of the event.

If you would like to be a part of the MultiWage Granite City Rally, contact the Aberdeen District Motor Club with your name, address, telephone number and the type of help you can offer.

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The 39th Granite City Rally

Aug, 2015
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The 39th Granite City Rally, ran on a compact route in the Kincardineshire forests. With 45 stage miles, all forest stages were single usage, and with only 90 road miles.

We had in our hearts the memory of Graham Lewis, who tragically lost his life in an accident on last year’s event, and our thoughts were with his family and many friends.

We were pleased and proud to welcome back our event main sponsors MultiWage Ltd, who now have a thriving presence in Aberdeen. The Ceremonial Start this year was from the Duthie Park, which is adjacent to their Aberdeen office. Their continued support allowed us to maintain the MultiWage Granite City Rally as one of the foremost Scottish stage rallies in terms of value for money.

This year we received additional support from Cansco Ltd, which allowed us to run two tarmac spectator stages at the AECC at Bridge of Don, this was last done (in daylight) in 1989 and floodlit in 1999. It was a superb opportunity to show off stage rallying to the general public, a great chance to generate exposure for all the sponsors supporting the event, and something a little different for the competitors.

After a lot of discussion at Championship level, this year we reverted to the format of running 2 wheel drive Cars in Classes 1 to 4, (up to 1600cc only), at the front of the rally. Once again, this gave competitors in the small-engined cars the benefit of smoother roads.

Rally HQ as usual was at the Thistle Hotel, Altens, where special weekend rates were on offer for the rally, and we are grateful for their assistance and hospitality which always makes the Granite weekend one to remember.

The Organizers would like to express their sincere thanks to all those who have helped with this event, in particular the following:


Why You need aftermarket Suspension for Rally

26 Jun, 2015
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When you initially buy a high performance vehicle, chances are the inbuilt racing suspension is more than adequate for your needs, so why do you need a new set of bc racing coilovers? It’s a fair point and a valid one too, however consider the following scenarios:

System upgrade – For those that want the best, look no further! Although the factory suspension meets the needs of your vehicle it doesn’t necessarily exceed that criteria, but of course that’s where we come in!
Spare parts – It pays to be prepared, racing is a demanding sport which will eventually take its toll on your vehicle, have a spare on hand should the need arise.
Replacement parts – It can be hard sourcing the right replacement parts for your suspension, fortunately we supply a range of makes and models, taking the hassle out of finding that elusive part!

Don’t panic – if your car is stock we’ve got you covered too, with our extended lines of aftermarket bc racing suspension coilovers, suitable for a variety of big brand names.
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Rally Crash video! What do you think?

17 Jun, 2015
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Check this compilation video out?


History of the Granite Rally

18 Jan, 2015
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The Granite City Rally grew from a small, local navigational event, to become a fully fledged forest rally in 1968, when it was won in a Ford Anglia.the rally has since gone on to become one of the UK’s best known events, forming part of the country’s top rally championships and attracting many leading drivers and teams over the years.

Building a reputation for a challenging day’s rallying and a welcoming atmosphere, the Granite City Rally has a particularly strong heritage behind it.

Running through prime North east forest tracks, the rally benefits from a team of experienced organisers who pull the event together supported by a band of dedicated support personnel and the backing of many local and national businesses.

                                                                                                                        1983 Winner
In 1986 Jack Davidson wrote a comprehensive history of the event up to that date, follow the link to see the view from two decades ago!

In 1990, the innovative step was taken to start the event with a ‘spectator special’ tarmac stage at Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre. Going one better in 1997 the event again started there somewhat innovatively, at night with a floodlit spectator stage, watched by a crowd of thousands – a feat which was repeated in 1998 and 99.

A change in the preference of competitors and a re-arrangement of National and Scottish championships meant that the rally was downsized in 2002. Re-formatted and run as cost effectively as possible, the compact, Fordoun-based event was well received and following observation by Championship Officials was re-instated to the then New Pig Scottish Rally Championship for 2003.

In 2004 a new sponsor was on board for the Championship in the form of County Saab. the Granite City Rally was also sporting a new sponsor in MultiWage an international company providing Payroll Management Services, who continue with us this year.