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Sebastien Loeb In Car World Record Footage

5 Feb, 2016
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A little video put together by world champion rally driver Sebastien loeb!

esr sr04

Aftermarket Wheels and Brands within the Industry

7 Jan, 2016
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Cars that perform are simply irresistible. You want to be in them, be close to them, have photos of you taken with them and ultimately, drive them. The pleasure of driving a high-performance car cannot be compared to anything else. It is because of these that aftermarket manufacturers try their very best to deliver products that will enhance the performance. IN terms of aftermarket wheels, you are looking at grip and traction, stability, durability and the general effect felt on the car.
As a racer, which are the best wheels to go for? And even if you are not a racer and would like your car to have an awesome set of wheels, which wheels should be considered? Below are some of the best automotive aftermarket wheels: 1. ESR sr03 wheels is a favorite wheel maker. They have the best-looking yet most durable rims. ESR engineer racing wheels for a living and have perfected the art. The company has perfected the forging process and has created flow-forming, which uses three hydraulic rollers and a huge amount of pressure to form the width of a rim. ESR may however be more of OEM than aftermarket but with the quality on offer, who are we to say no? 2. esr sr02’s are one of the most prolific manufacturers of alloys in Europe and hence their wheels are used by many OEMs. They use digital Failure-Mode-Effects Analysis (FMEA), Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA), and a casting simulation to ensure that any stress points do as little damage as possible to the alloys. They are the go-to place if you are looking for a classy yet solid rim. 3. American Racing This company is majorly known for muscle car wheels. Their alloys are aggressively American in style and toughness and perform very well. The quality of the wheels matches their tough looks and they are made of pressure-forged aluminum alloys. 4. Enkei Japan makes a lot of cars and Enkei being the leading wheel-maker from the country, is a highly respected company in the world. They make wheels for sports cars, luxury cars, racing cars and even trucks. Their racing wheels are pretty decent too. Enkei wheels tend to be very good-looking without being flashy, and the understated designs contain many features that are anti-impact technology. 5. Konig Konig is a German company that has also cemented its market worldwide. They have a big collection of assorted styles and finishes to of their alloys. They make good-looking, no-nonsense rims designed to take impacts well. I think their logo sums the company up: they are the KINGS of the wheels market. The above companies make exquisite racing wheels and those alloys definitely require your consideration should you want some wheels.


Is this the Fastest VW beetle of all time? Just Joking this is Bugatti

9 Sep, 2015
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Bugatti. To state the title is really a factor of beauty. It’s mighty, sophisticated, along with a title that for several years continues to be synonymous for several of the finest crafted automobiles which have ever been around.

Many of us are very confident with the Veyron, monitoring the discharge of their various models through the years. Consider 2005 Bugatti has stored us anxiously waiting for something totally new, and lastly it is now time. This radical virtual vehicle produced by Bugatti was particularly designed to become a track monster – named the Veyron Gran Turismo. It’s hard-edged styling is certainly not like what we view previously from the organization. The mind of design at Bugatti spoke for this vehicle because the merging of “beauty and also the beast”. The mix of the elements sounds absolutely perfect, a Veyron purely created for something once considered “too radical” to have an car maker like Bugatti.

Besides this vehicle look incredible, it is also rather functional. It’s aerodynamic designs are not far from exactly what the vehicle would find essential to have in tangible existence. Bugatti’s design team labored alongside with it’s engineers to produce a precise illustration of what this vehicle might be as with the real life. You will find no parts added for aesthetic without first being beneficial tot he cars overall design.


VW Starting WRC / Rally testing for 2017 Season

7 Aug, 2015
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As per an article we read over on WRC forums

“The German squad will be the first manufacturer to test a car featuring the exciting new-generation rules, the outline principles for which were given the green light by the FIA last month.
Double world champion Marcus Grönholm will drive the car when testing starts. It is believed that up to two weeks’ work is planned before the end of the year, with the Finn responsible for most of that.
Neither Grönholm nor Volkswagen Motorsport director Jost Capito would comment on the plans, but it is believed the test car will be a modified 2015 Polo R WRC, fitted with bodywork complying with the 2017 rules.
It is understood it could be the second quarter of next year before Volkswagen is ready to test a full 2017-specification car.
Grönholm, who inked a deal to join Volkswagen 12 months ago as a test driver, will be involved in the development of the new car both this year and in 2016.”

You can read more about it in the link below..–12-12-.html

The Worst Rally Crashes of All Times WRC

Aug, 2015
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Alright guys check out this video of some of the WRC crashes, we must be nuts? Oh wait we just spend lots of money of safety equipment.




How to be a Part of the Team? Volunteers Needed!

6 Aug, 2015
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How to be part of the action(without buying a rally car)

Like any rally,the Granite City Rally depends on a large army of volunteers to work behind the scenes on the event organisation.

In the months leading up to the event a team of enthusiasts give up their spare time to spend long hours organising every last detail for this major sporting event.

On the day of the rally itself this number swells to hundreds as more enthusiastic volunteers man the stages, the radio systems, the time controls and rally headquarters.

Thousands of times are recorded, relayed by radio back to headquarters where they are input into a sophisticated computer system to produce the interim and final results. Radio points at the start and finish and at points through the stages keep a check on the competitors for safety reasons.

The marshals on each stage look after the time keeping and oversee yours and the competitors’ safety.

All these are vital jobs which ensure the smooth running of the event.

If you would like to be a part of the MultiWage Granite City Rally, contact the Aberdeen District Motor Club with your name, address, telephone number and the type of help you can offer.

granite rally

The 39th Granite City Rally

Aug, 2015
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The 39th Granite City Rally, ran on a compact route in the Kincardineshire forests. With 45 stage miles, all forest stages were single usage, and with only 90 road miles.

We had in our hearts the memory of Graham Lewis, who tragically lost his life in an accident on last year’s event, and our thoughts were with his family and many friends.

We were pleased and proud to welcome back our event main sponsors MultiWage Ltd, who now have a thriving presence in Aberdeen. The Ceremonial Start this year was from the Duthie Park, which is adjacent to their Aberdeen office. Their continued support allowed us to maintain the MultiWage Granite City Rally as one of the foremost Scottish stage rallies in terms of value for money.

This year we received additional support from Cansco Ltd, which allowed us to run two tarmac spectator stages at the AECC at Bridge of Don, this was last done (in daylight) in 1989 and floodlit in 1999. It was a superb opportunity to show off stage rallying to the general public, a great chance to generate exposure for all the sponsors supporting the event, and something a little different for the competitors.

After a lot of discussion at Championship level, this year we reverted to the format of running 2 wheel drive Cars in Classes 1 to 4, (up to 1600cc only), at the front of the rally. Once again, this gave competitors in the small-engined cars the benefit of smoother roads.

Rally HQ as usual was at the Thistle Hotel, Altens, where special weekend rates were on offer for the rally, and we are grateful for their assistance and hospitality which always makes the Granite weekend one to remember.

The Organizers would like to express their sincere thanks to all those who have helped with this event, in particular the following:


The positives of performance coilovers on your vehicle.

1 Aug, 2015
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Uprated suspension is always a big plus for you in case you are into fast road, track or gravel racing. BC Racing Coilovers meet all your suspension needs to give you numerous advantages with improved performance being the most important and obvious benefit. Depending on your needs, there are various types of Coilovers available in Canada.
First, there are the full bodied Coilovers which come complete with shocks and everything else needed in the system. The kit is expensive, but then it comes with pillowball top mounts or aluminum top mounts and new bump stops which are all designed for the lowered car. There are also the sleeve type BR Coilovers which are less costly and they also offer you the flexibility of choosing the shocks that you want. However, using stock shocks is not recommended as they are not designed for the lowered vehicle. Finally, there are drag Coilovers which are only meant for those who strictly drag race. The rears are set in such a way that they prevent the car from shifting weight to the rear wheels when launching.
Whatever your racing needs are, racing suspensions and BC Coilovers allow you to lower your car to a level that improves your performance on the track.


Where to Watch the Rally?

29 Jul, 2015
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Be Careful, Be Safe

Watching Stage Rallying is very exciting, the cars swing round corners, tail out, fly over jumps and ‘ditch hook’ to get around the bends as fast as possible. But, all this action means that, once committed, the drivers cannot change their intended direction without risk of a major accident. To find spectators walking on the stage in front of them, is extremely disconcerting to say the least, and very dangerous for the spectators.

Please observe the following:

DO NOT walk on the stages once the stage is live, you are putting yourself and the competitors at risk,

DO NOT stand in the prohibited areas.

DO NOT take dogs into the forest with you, if one gets loose and runs in front of a car the result can be imagined. ( A dog was killed on a rally last year – it could have been much worse as the competing crew and spectators were endangered)

DO please follow the marshals instructions, they are there to help keep you safe, not spoil your enjoyment.

DO wear sensible clothing and walking boots or good stout shoes, these forests are not Union Street and the going is sometimes rough.

DO be careful if you have small children with you, if  a car goes off it happens very fast and you need to be able to react as quickly. Far better to be in a safe place in the first instance.

REMEMBER  cars not only slide around corners, they send a shower of stones and rocks out behind them as the power goes on.  If you are in the firing line you can get hurt so stand where you are safe.

The Spectator Control car will come through the stages about 20 minutes ahead of the competitors to keep you informed as to the progress of the rally. Be aware that if you, and others, are in an unsafe position the Safety Officer has the authority to delay a stage, and in an extreme situation, request its cancellation.

There is a small charge (£2.00 per car) for Spectator Car Parks in the forests with all the proceeds going to charity.

SS1 and SS2  Cansco Spectator Spectaculars  First Car 09:20

SS1 and  SS2 are each a 1½ mile blast around the main car parks at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre at the Bridge of Don. It is a number of years since we last had this show opener at the AECC (and then it was in the dark!) and it will be a fitting start to this years event. Entry is free and there will be free car parking.

SS3 Mitsubishi Station Garage Durris  First Car 10:28

SS3 is over 9 miles of furious action around Cairn mon Earn in the Durris complex. There will be a Spectator Car Park on this stage, entry will be £2.00 with all proceeds going to charity.

Car Park ‘A

There is a car park on the forest access road to Cairn Mon Earn which takes you to junction 19, and is reached from the A957 on the Stonehaven side of the hill at map reference 45/780910, signposted as a mountain bike trail, a drive of about a mile will take you to the parking area. Please leave the road clear for other vehicles to pass.

SS4 Fetteresso 1  First Car 11:29

This arrangement of this stage has not been used before, so its inclusion this year will be the first time most of the competitors will have seen this fast and furious stage. The first section away from the start is very tight and twisty, opening out at Junction 9 into a fast flowing section uphill to a hairpin left at Junction 11 and then along sweeping corner at Junction 12 before the run into the finish.

The Spectator viewing points are at Junctions 11 and 12, which should show some interesting action as the cars swing around the bends and head off downhill at high speed, and there will be a Spectator Car Park.

Car Park ‘B

This car park is again on Forestry roads at Hill of Three Stones and is accessed from the Slug Road, through the Forestry car park at MR 45/791893. A drive of about 1 mile will take you to either of the two junctions, you will have to choose which to go to as it will not be possible to get from one to the other once you are in the forest.

SS5 Glenfarquhar  First Car  12:19

The only accessible vantage point on this stage is at Junction 10 where the cars come from the right downhill into a hairpin and head away West. There is a small public Forestry car park in Drumtochty Glen from which the stage can be accessed by following the waymarked road. Please be sure to leave the access clear for the competitors.It is a fairly steep climb but on good surfaces, partly tarmac, for about a two thirds of a mile to Junction 10. Take care as there will be rally cars leaving the stage down the access road once the stage is live.

SS6 Drumtochty

This stage runs along the south side of the escarpment through Drumtochty Forest and is a very technical stage there are no spectator accesss points into this stage.

SS7 Uniconn Oilfield Services Fetteresso 2   First Car 14:37

The last stage is a ten mile stage using most of the north end of Fetteresso Forest.

It incorporates very fast flowing roads in the first half leading into more twisty, technical areas in the back half.

There will be a Spectator Car Park, near the end of the Stage, where access can be gained to the last corner and the finish of the stage.

Car Park ‘C’

Access to the stage is at Hill of Swanley and is reached via the Forestry entrance at Upper Swanley (MR 45/830873). There will be a one way system, exiting near Swanley Cottages, which is also the competitors exit from the finish of the stage, so take care when leaving. Please note there will be no parking allowed on the public road ,Police cones will be in place , and will be enforced.

From the South turn off the A90 just past the flyover at the sign to Spurryhillock, take first right, signposted Auchenblae, after 50yds and follow the road round for three-quarters of a mile and turn right at the sign post to Riccarton and Banchory, the car park is on the left a mile up this road.

From the North turn off the A90 on the Stonehaven bypass at the sign for Spurryhillock and then right after about a third of a mile into the industrial estate, signposted Kirkton of Fetteresso, follow the road over the flyover round past the Cemetery and turn left after about a mile, signposted Auchenblae,just before the road rejoins the A90, from there follow the instructions above.

Take care if you leave the car park early as once the stage is live there will be rally traffic joining you as you exit the forest.

From the car park it is only a 15 minute walk along the forest road to reach the last hairpin of the stage.

The area has been clear felled so it is possible to walk across to reach the stage finish, if you are prepared for some rough country, a distance of about 500 –600 yards.



Why You need aftermarket Suspension for Rally

26 Jun, 2015
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When you initially buy a high performance vehicle, chances are the inbuilt racing suspension is more than adequate for your needs, so why do you need a new set of bc racing coilovers? It’s a fair point and a valid one too, however consider the following scenarios:

System upgrade – For those that want the best, look no further! Although the factory suspension meets the needs of your vehicle it doesn’t necessarily exceed that criteria, but of course that’s where we come in!
Spare parts – It pays to be prepared, racing is a demanding sport which will eventually take its toll on your vehicle, have a spare on hand should the need arise.
Replacement parts – It can be hard sourcing the right replacement parts for your suspension, fortunately we supply a range of makes and models, taking the hassle out of finding that elusive part!

Don’t panic – if your car is stock we’ve got you covered too, with our extended lines of aftermarket bc racing suspension coilovers, suitable for a variety of big brand names.
We’ve been serving the racing community of Canada for a while now and over the years we’ve picked up a thing or two, if you have any queries about our products we’re always on hand!